About Us

The Old & Antique Things

Kings Reclamation, a reclamation & demolition company, from India, has been one of the leading companies in Reclamation Market in India. We have been in the Reclamation Business from 2005 with a staff of over 11 employees. Our Product range includes Reclaimed Bricks, Reclaimed Flagstone, Reclaimed beams, Reclaimed Clay and Brass Pots, Reclaimed Teak & other products.

Kings reclamation is the supplier of reclaimed products to European and North American reclamation yards and has always delivered excellent quality and service. Kings Reclamation has a specialized reclamation department with a wide range of varied reclaimed materials and architectural antiques. We are also into the manufacturing Quarry Tiles in all sizes and colours and has been supplying to major reclamation yards in the USA, UK and France. delivery. We export reclaimed products to over 08 countries.

Our Concept

India has a long history and some of the oldest buildings and heritage. The new economy is leading to a lot of demolition of old structures, and thus giving a lot of reclaimed products. Western countries have shifted away from the demolition of older buildings and this has resulted in some reclaimed products becoming scarcer.

Our Yard

Kings Reclamation is spread over a 06 acre yard in India, and has a huge inventory of reclaimed products. We get reclaimed products from old buildings, palaces, textile mills, old factories and other structures. We hold huge inventories in stock in our yard in India for all the products and can ship products with a 6-8 weeks of delivery.